Privacy Policy

PowClick offers an explanation regarding your personal data provided to or collected from you. This Privacy Policy may be updated therefore it should be reviewed occasionally.


Cookie usage

Cookies are used to keep a user logged in. PowClick do not store any personal data or relevant data which can identify the user in these cookies.

Collected information

Data is collected regarding the frequency and times of your visits to PowClick. Forms filled by you also give us the ability to store the input data although this does not necessarily mean that the input data is stored. When contacting PowClick team, your message is also stored.

How we use your information

None of the information collected from or about you will offer identifiable characteristics. No information is shared to any third parties. PowClick will never reveal who you are. Your data is required for statistical information and to ensure that publishers do not engage in illegal activities and to protect our users from any type of fraud. Your data is stored securely on PowClick servers and any sensitive data is encrypted.

Third party links

Links on PowClick which may lead to other sites have their own privacy policy, which you agree to when you click on the link. PowClick not responsible nor do we accept any responsibility for these third party links.

Information accessibility

As per The Data Protection Act 1998, PowClick cannot withhold your own data from you, thus PowClick offer any information we have stored on your account. If you wish to have access to our data collection on you and your account, a fee of $10 is required for our costs for processing your request and extracting the data for you. Please Contact Us to process your data access request. You may also contact us if you have any queries, requests, or comments using the same contact form. We will get back to you within a few hours with a reply.